A smart investing platform, powered by blockchain

TOKAS is a blockchain powered fund distribution platform that is secure, fast and efficient.

The TOKAS application was built in cooperation with various fund managers, wealth managers and investors, making sure that it works in a clear and intuitive manner.
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For Funds

  • Save 70% of cost on your participant administration.
  • Process new subscriptions in a matter of minutes.
  • Gain unique insights in performance.
  • Offer the best possible service to your investors.
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For Investors

  • Lower the cost of investment and increase your yield.
  • Directly contact the people working for you.
  • Gain unique insights and transparency.
  • Achieve the most optimal results.
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Direct communication with your peers

The existing complex process leaves little bandwidth for direct communication, but we do this differently. With TOKAS peers on the far ends of the value chain are able to communicate and work together directly, while maintaining the possibility for intermediate services to be included if the user so chooses.

It is our mission to create a new standard for security in the funds industry and that is why we provide the most secure solution available on the market today.


We reduce friction by focusing on simplicity on every level, from simplifying on industry level to creating easy-to-use interfaces for all our users.


By creating hyper-efficiency in the funds industry, we aim to take away financial barriers to entry and improve liquidity across the board, thereby making your assets available to new target groups.

Through new technology we are creating a system that is more secure, more seamless and much more efficient than any competitor on the market.



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